We are passionate education professionals, and we recognise that teachers benefit from spending their time teaching, not doing admin and paperwork! It's with this principle in mind that we've created All-In.
We enjoy seeing pupils succeed, and our customers do too. Ask us today and we'll explain the benefits.


MFL Heads of Department

  • Outstanding MFL teacher tools
  • Raises attainment
  • Boosts pupil engagement
  • Automated Ofsted feedback loop
  • Full visibility over homework
  • Intervention Prevention
  • KS3 and GCSE-ready

MFL Teachers

  • Significantly reduce prep time
  • Automated marking & feedback
  • High-impact classroom activities
  • Effortlessly increase lesson pace
  • Fully differentiable
  • Support EAL in MFL context in 29 languages

EAL Teachers

  • Core GCSE subjects covered
  • Locate lesson content in seconds
  • Eliminate preparation time
  • Print take-home resources
  • Accelerate language acquisition
  • Instant inclusion for EAL
  • Single-click dyslexia support
  • Meet several Ofsted requirements

EAL Heads of Department

  • Whole-school solution
  • Instant inclusion for EAL
  • Accelerates language acquisition
  • 29+ languages
  • Core GCSE subjects covered
  • Access for every teacher
  • Develops mastery of language
  • Represents thousands of preparation hours
  • Relieves burden on EAL

  • "...the [students] that have been using it are all smiles and shown clearly more interest and are more engaging which is really great to see. I will be expanding my usage in the coming weeks."

    Mr B Altinok, Geography Teacher, London

  • "The vocab lists are brilliant as they are so quick to create. With the new to English pupils I have found them particularly useful, as they have a visual aid straight away."

    Mrs I Baird, EAL Teacher, Havering (London)

  • "All-In-One is the best possible web site any EAL Coordinator could imagine. it give us the possibility to produce and deliver meaningful resources to our EAL students in various stages of language acquisition. The support for teachers in this matter is priceless."

    I Cmok, Brackenhale

  • "I started year 8 on a grade C/B; at the end of year 9 I got full marks on my writing exam. I truly think that this website helped me to develop my vocabulary and use more adventurous adjectives and is the reason for how much my grades have improved. It definitely made French more competitive and fun"

    Dolly B (Year 9 Pupil)

  • "French learners have it full embedded in their learning and it has 100% improved both vocab and engagement. Routine use of starters in lessons has instilled a strong sense of focus as soon as lessons begin and using vocab sheets boost pace of lessons. The group are now so motivated they ask teachers for more tests or independently remind me to reset missed homeworks"

    J Smith MFL HoD, London